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Create a Workspace


Start working on your data model by creating a workspace. A workspace is a copy of a project which can be later merged back into the main project. It represents a branch in the underlying GitLab project. To create a workspace:

  1. Select an existing (GitLab) project or select + to start working on a new one. Please note that the FINOS hosted version of Legend Studio does not support creating a new project at this time.

  2. Create a workspace.

  3. Click Next.


Group workspace

To create a group workspace:

  1. Follow steps above to create a workspace

  2. Check the Group workspace check box.

Create a group workspace

Text Mode


To access or exit Text mode: Press F8 or the hacker icon on the bottom right corner of your scrreen. The bar should change when you open or close Text mode.

To compile your code: Press F9