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Showcase Projects


Legend showcase projects are hosted here and accessible via the Studio UI.

⚠️ Prerequisites

Some legacy showcase projects are hosted on the Legend hosted instance. Request free access to the Legend hosted instance here.

Get started with the Legend showcase guided tour.

For step by step tutorials, see Legend tutorials.

Showcase projects

FeatureDescriptionShowcase project
Class, Association, Multiplicity, Enumeration, Diagram, Document, Test, User defined function, Union mapping, Mapping filter, FunctionIntroduction to foundational data model elementsLogical modeling (basic) (Gitlab); Legend installation showcase project (Gitlab)
Inherited class, Derived property, Stereotupe, Profile, ConstraintElements required for advanced logical modeling 
Relational mapping Relational mapping entities, file generation, and service execution Relational showcase (Gitlab)
Service store Service store showcase (Gitlab)
External format External format showcase (Gitlab)
Query Query showcase (Gitlab)
GraphQL GraphQL showcase (Gitlab)
Service execution JAR Service execution JAR showcase (Gitlab)