What is
One place to access all data!
  • Describe and connect data #CURATE
  • Find meaningful data #FIND
  • Query data with a button click #RETRIEVE
  • Transform and share data #SHARE
  • Experiment with and analyze data #ANALYZE
  • High quality data by design #GOVERN

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Learn about the different Legend products!

  • Studio -- Our data modelling Editor, which you can leverage to describe and connect data to build your graph of information. Visualize those data models in diagrams to facilitate the dialog between business and development teams. Connect data models to data to unlock query capabilities.

  • Query -- Our query User Interface to access modelled data. Browse and navigate the graph of information and then ask informed questions to the data. No SQL needed, 100% drag & drop, 100% simple!

  • Services -- Our solution to reliably and programmatically share high quality data with other applications. Any query designed in Query can be promoted to a production-ready Legend API with a simple click of a button.

The Legend platform is backed by a powerful Execution Engine, which enables the usage of data models in numerous data-driven business flows, and a robust Change Management (SDLC) process, which ensures the safe collaboration on and stability of the Legend platform.

Architecture Diagram