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Get Started

Showcase Projects

See Legend features in action in Legend showcase projects

Introductory Videos

Watch the introductory Studio & Query sessions hosted by Beeke-Marie Nelke for the FINOS Open Source community:

We highly recommend reviewing the Legend talks and conferences recordings.


Review the step by step tutorials for Studio and Query.

Start Using Legend Today

There are multiple ways to get started with Legend: getting access to the Studio hosted instance, using Legend Omnibus to get the Legend environment up and running locally, or installing Legend.

Studio hosted instance

This is the easiest way to get started with Legend as it does not involve any installation steps.

FINOS hosts a free instance of Legend to be used for shared modeling efforts.

Instructions to sign up and use this instance are available on the FINOS website.

Note: This is a shared instance which might not be appropriate for proprietary data models.

Using Legend Omnibus

This is a quick way to get the Legend environment up and running locally. Make sure you have Docker installed. Run the following command in the terminal:

curl | bash

# Or run the full Omnibus (with embedded Gitlab) which might take a little longer to start up
curl | bash

For Windows user, please use Git Bash or WSL to run the above command.

See the Omnibus Guide for more details.

Setup your own Legend environment

This is the recommended way to setup Legend for local development. See the Installation Guide for details.