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Legend Case Studies

Legend Studio Pilot‚Äč

Legend was originally developed by Goldman Sachs and contributed to FINOS in October 2020. See the October 2020 Open Sourcing Press Release, and coverage in Business Insider "Code for Goldman Sachs' internal data platform is now open for anyone to use", and Bloomberg "Goldman Sachs Open Sources its Data Modeling Platform through FINOS".

The launch followed the completion of the Legend Pilot, in which leading investment banks used a shared version of Legend, hosted on FINOS infrastructure in the public cloud, to build extensions to the Common Domain Model (CDM) developed by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA).

Within months of open sourcing Legend, Waters Technology recognized the value and potential of this project by awarding FINOS the American Financial Technology Award 2020 for Best Collaboration initiative.

Read more in the the FINOS Legend Studio Pilot Case Study.