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Release 2022-06-23

Released Features

User experience improvements

Access Studio documentation via the new virtual assistant. You can launch the virtual assistant at any point in time via the newly introduced "help" menu option. Here, you can search for key concepts that you're interested in, such as "what is a class". The virtual assistant then provides you with links to relevant documentation. In addition, contextual help is available to you while navigating the Studio interface. Unsure how to write a constraint? The virtual assistant will give you a visual clue that helpful documentation is available to you. You can turn off the virtual assistant any time if you're already a Studio pro.


More details and video walkthrough here.

Share Studio projects with others. Instead of having to copy the URL of a Studio project to share it with others, you can now just click on the 'share project' button in the Project Details view.


More details and video walkthrough here.